Free 6 month warranty

Includes UNLIMITED spot cleaning

    Are we CRAZY ? Nope. We’re MAD about carpets!
    The Carpet Chemist is always busy in our laboratory creating proprietary potions, elixirs, and dyes made especially to keep your carpets looking sensational; but we’re also passionate about doing everything we possibly can to keep your carpet and rugs looking as good as the day we cleaned them.

How can we offer such an unbelievable guarantee?

The method to our MADness

The scientific truth behind our unbelievable 6 month warranty is comprised of a few different factors including:

  • Scotchgard Protector. This is the number 1 reason we are so confident you wont even need to call us to use your warranty. The Scotchgard carpet protector is made to repel spills and forms a protective barrier around the carpet fibers.
  • Spot Out. When spills occur, you’re going to need something to break down the soils and oils in the spill, without leaving a super sudsy soap residue. That’s why you’ll receive a big 16oz. bottle of our Carpet Chemist Spot Out with each carpet cleaning when you include the Scotchgard carpet protector to your cleaning package.
  • Call The Carpet Chemist. As a last resort, it’s nice to know you have backup that’s just a phone call away. You won’t be charged a dime, and we’ll be in and out in no time.

What’s covered?

Our incredible warranty covers each area that you had cleaned, for 6 whole months! If you track in dirt, spill your plate or drop your coffee, we’ll gleefully come clean it up if your Carpet Chemist Spot Out doesn’t do the trick.
The warranty is only for residential customers who live in the home where the work was originally performed. It may only be used in the home where the work was originally performed. It does not apply to commercial or rental properties.
Spills and stains requiring specialty stain removal techniques or dyeing are not covered. The Carpet Chemist reserves the right to have the final say on whether or not a stain qualifies.

The Carpet Chemist says: We highly recommend you have your carpets professionally steam cleaned every 6 months, and include the Scotchgard protector in your cleaning package. This will ensure your carpet stays looking spectacular year round.