Sub-surface odor Removal

What lies beneath

You might have read our page about pet urine removal, and the 3 levels of pet urine contamination, and the best 3 ways to remove severe pet odor/ stains, but what if pulling back the carpet and removing the padding just isn’t an option? You may have heavy furniture sitting on top of the carpet with nowhere to put it or a pet urine stain right smack dab in the middle of the room. What then? Don’t worry. You should know by now The Carpet Chemist has about 3 or 4 solutions to every problem. We told you there’s nothing you can do to you carpet that we cannot fix, and we mean it. So back to the question; How can we remove severe pet odor/ stains if pulling back the carpet and replacing the padding isn’t an option? Well, check this out. You’re gonna love it. I even made a 30 second video so you can see it. But not without a really quick description first, so you understand exactly what your’e seeing happen.

The Carpet Chemist introduces Water Claw technology

Drum roll please! We’re so excited to introduce you to an industry changing technology that allows us to remove severe pet odor/ stains from the padding and the carpet. Introducing the Water Claw. The Water Claw works like this:

  • Digestive Enzymes. The first step in our sub-surface severe pet odor/ stains removal process is to douse the affected areas with our digestive enzyme solution that literally eats and digests urine salts and odor causing bacteria in the carpet and padding .
  • pH Balancing Rinse.Once the digestive enzymes have had enough dwell time to work their magic, it’s time to flush everything out of the carpet by blasting exuberant amounts of double softened water and our gentle soft wash rinsing agent that leaves your carpet feeling toe-scrungingly soft.
  • Insane Suction Power. Of course the real hero in this entire process is our powerful van-mounted vacuum that has enough suction power to remove every last drop of moisture from your padding and carpet. If you have a 10 pound bowling ball or dumbbell in your house we’d be glad to show you. It’s insane!.

Flushing out severe pet odor/ stains

The Carpet Chemist says: If your carpet has severe pet odor/ stains, Urine luck! ( Get it? )

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