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Carpet Chemist Rug Lab

Area rugs add color, style and definition to your living space. Placed in high traffic areas, they also serve a practical purpose by collecting dust and allergens tracked into your home. In fact, Persian and Oriental rugs are woven to effectively capture dirt and lock it deep within the area rug’s interior. Regular vacuuming controls surface grime but can’t touch the dirt trapped inside the rug’s intricate weavings. That’s why experts recommend professional cleaning of area rugs every year.

Our Pet Urine Removal Process for Oriental Rugs

I know it sounds atrocious, but pet urine removal in Persian and oriental rugs is where we excel. The Carpet Chemist is extremely passionate about these hand-woven treasures and we want you to learn to love your rugs again too. That’s why we built a 3000 sqare ft. Carpet Chemist Rug Lab facility that is used for the restoration of hand-made rugs and other woven textiles. Rug washing is completely different than residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Quality oriental rugs are made to last hundreds of years, as opposed to a nylon carpet with a life expectancy of about 30 years. The Carpet Chemist has 9 step procedure for urine contaminated rugs that takes a minimum of 3 days to complete. After an inspection of the oriental rug at our Chemist Rug Lab, we test for bleeding and colorfastness. If it is a “bleeder” we take the necessary steps to block the dyes from bleeding before we submerge the urine soaked rug in a huge submersion wash pit. After soaking in gentle wool-safe bath of enzyme and oxidizing solutions that obliterate pet urine, the rug is flushed with heavy rug rollers and rinsed again. Once the water-logged rug has nothing but pure clean water coming out of it, The Carpet Chemist creates a special rug washing formula and soaks and agitates the rug yet again. When the scrubbing is done, you guessed it, we flush another time, using a wool-safe rinsing agent made especially for the rugs we wash. After the final rinsing stage, we apply a protective coating spray over the entire rug that repels spills from drinks or pet accidents. Then the rug is moved to our temperature and humidity controlled rug drying room where it will dry for a minimum of 48 to 72 hours. A few days later, the fringes will be inspected and touched up if necessary, to look their cleanest and brightest. Lastly, we go over the entire rug with a soft rotary bonnet to bring out the luster and color of the rug. Finally your rug is rolled up neatly and a protective wrap is placed over the rug for transportation and delivery to its home.
In Louisville, Kentucky the Carpet Chemist is the professional oriental rug cleaning team to call at (800) 515-1342.

We are rug specialists with the resources and training to care for any oriental rug—from the most delicate heirloom to the boldest designer graphic.

Certified Rug Cleaning from The Carpet Chemist

Rugs are made using a variety of fibers, dyes, backings and construction methods, making in-home cleaning risky. At your convenience, our team collects the rug from your home and transports it to our huge Carpet Chemist Rug Washing Lab where we examine it for these important variables:

  • Fiber type (cotton, wool, synthetic, hide)
  • Dye type & colorfastness 
  • Rug construction (woven, knotted, hooked, manufactured)
  • Edging & backing composition
  • Overall rug condition (moth damage, sun fading, wear)
  • Rug staining (pet urination, food & drinks stains, discoloration)

With this information, we formulate a cleaning and repair protocol to restore your rug’s appearance and protect its condition. Once cleaning and repairs are complete, our technicians schedule a convenient time to return the rug and set it in place. Our goal is to safeguard your rug’s condition while delivering superior cleaning results with the least disruption for you, our valued customer.

Rug Cleaning Services in Louisville, KY

The entire Carpet Chemist team is IICRC-certified to perform these tasks on Persian, Oriental, heirloom and designer rugs:

Rug cleaning by the Carpet Chemist prevents wear and ensures your rug will retain its shape, size, loft and true colors. View our gallery to see examples of our area rug cleaning and repair results.

Our Commitment to You

Some carpet cleaning companies use a blanket approach to every job without considering important factors like the solubility of grime or the required PH of cleaning solutions. The Carpet Chemist is different. We apply science to built-in dirt, stubborn carpet stains and color loss. When you have a problem with your carpet or rug, call the Carpet Chemist at (800) 515-1342. One of our knowledgeable specialists will respond with a free telephone quote and a timely appointment. That’s our commitment to you: amazing workmanship and unbeatable service.