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Carpet Repair is what we do!

What is carpet patching? We super nerdy Carpet Chemists prefer to use the industry terms, “bonded inserts” or “permanent sections.” But we know exactly what you mean when you call our office and ask if we can patch an area that your dog tore up in the doorway, or fix an iron or hookah burn in your carpet, or repair a loose Berber carpet snag that the vacuum cleaner got a hold of. When someone does anything over and over again, they tend to become good at it. The Carpet Chemist performs thousands of carpet patches every year, and not to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty darn good at it. I mean really really good. Like, Muhammad Ali good! (OK enough horn tooting)

We’ve got carpet patching down to a science

The science of carpet repair is similar to a surgeon, without all the blood and guts and anesthesia. We are highly trained professionals with a rare skill craft, in which no two jobs are exactly the same. We take a scientific approach to assessing the carpet fiber type, with special attention to how the fibers are woven, and what the best procedures are to achieve the best possible outcome.
Carpet repair is the most cost-effective alternative to carpet replacement. You will likely save 60%-75% of the cost of replacing with new carpet by having The Carpet Chemist repair it; which means you won’t have to turn your house upside down and rearrange your schedule or take a second mortgage out on your home because “Patches” got scared during a thunderstorm and dug a hole in the carpet.

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