Cincinnati Commercial Carpet Experts

Safeguarding Your Commercial Environment

High foot traffic in hotels, restaurants, shops and office buildings takes a toll on carpeting. Physical damage, spills and cleaning accidents ruin a stylish floor covering before its time. For commercial building operators, the best option to safeguard your flooring investment is a commercial carpet cleaning contractor with the trained staff and specialized equipment to tackle these disasters and set them right. In Cincinnati, the Carpet Chemist is the IICRC-certified choice for commercial carpet cleaning and repair services.

Carpet Cleaning the Scientific Way

The Carpet Chemist is not an ordinary carpet cleaning company with a “one size fits all” approach to carpet cleaning and repair.

Armed with specialized training and detailed knowledge about the PH of cleaners and the best methods to achieve deep down dirt removal, our team has a solution to any commercial carpet challenge.

Chances are we’ve already seen and conquered your worst carpet nightmares. The Carpet Chemist has the cleaning formulas to rid your rugs of ground-in grime and set-in stains including:

  • Heavy traffic soils
  • Grass stains
  • Paint spills & splatters
  • Grease & oil stains
  • Smoke & odors
  • Water stains
  • Bleach spots
  • Pet mishaps
  • Bloodstains
  • Beverage spills
  • Wine stains
  • Ink stains

Protecting Your Commercial Flooring Investment

Many hotels, hospitals and office buildings have floors where carpeting is combined with wood or tile for practicality and design interest. As the rubber bumpers or transitions from carpet to hard flooring wear out, carpet edges are prone to fraying and tears which look unsightly and represent a serious safety hazard. The Carpet Chemist recommends timely replacement of these transitions to extend carpet life and ensure safety. Our team of IICRC-certified specialists is trained to perform commercial carpet repairs including:

  • Carpet stretching
  • Carpet color change
  • Rips & loose threads
  • Rug over-dyeing
  • Bleach spot repair
  • Seam replacement
  • Pet damage repair
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Transition replacement
  • Berber carpet repair
  • Carpet burns
  • Emergency water repairs
  • Smoke & odor removal
  • Sun fading

Your Partner for Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Repair

Whether your commercial building needs a deep carpet cleaning, repair or regularly scheduled interim cleaning in foyers and lobbies, the Carpet Chemist has the staff and equipment to do the job. Partner with us for commercial carpet services that produce superior results and keep downtime to a minimum. Request an onsite consultation about our commercial services online or call 877.330.4792 to speak with Brandon or Tonya Cerrito for a proposal and cost estimate. With the Carpet Chemist, you’ll have a partner for total commercial carpet care.