Total Carpet Care in Cincinnati

Restoring Rippled Carpets

When carpet is buckled, wavy or loose, it becomes an unsightly tripping hazard. Carpet that isn’t properly stretched also deteriorates quicker, leading to premature replacement. Before you search for new flooring, call Carpet Chemist at 877.330.4792. Our team of certified professionals is skilled in carpet repair, cleaning and restoration. The ripples in your rug are one of the most common issues we see, and the solution is easy: high-caliber, professional carpet stretching.

With surprisingly modest time and expense, the Carpet Chemist re-stretches your carpets, ensuring they are properly secured while vanquishing worrisome wrinkles.

Our Lexington, KY carpet stretching service delivers years of wear and enjoyment, allowing you to put off costly floor covering replacement. To see how effective and attractive Carpet Chemist professional stretching can be, view our gallery.

What Causes Buckled Carpets?

Wall-to-wall carpeting is designed to be stretched and securely anchored to tack strips along the walls of your home, which keeps it taut and straight. With proper maintenance and care, a carpet installation should last ten or more years. When carpet begins to buckle and wrinkle before it wears out, you know the installation has failed. The main causes of rippling carpet include:

  • Shoddy workmanship
  • Heavy use & traffic wear
  • Tack strip failure
  • Severe water damage
  • Inadequate stretching during installation
  • Cleaning that leaves carpet water-logged
  • Sliding heavy objects like furniture over the carpet
  • Wear from power wheelchairs & children’s toys
  • Padding that’s incompatible with carpet type

Total Carpet Care & Restoration

As IICRC-certified carpet technicians, Carpet Chemist team members are experts in the care, repair and restoration of wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs. When loose and wavy carpets are a major problem, we disengage the carpet from the tack strips and use a power-stretching tool to achieve correct tautness before re-anchoring the carpet. We also specialize in replacing damaged strips, trimming excess carpet and securing seams. Count on Carpet Chemist for these proven carpet solutions:

Carpet Chemist: The Formula for Flooring Success

When you need carpet stretching, repair, cleaning or re-dyeing services in Cincinnati, Louisville or Lexington, rely on Carpet Chemist to reinvent your flooring. Using a scientific approach and the industry’s latest dyeing techniques, we provide guaranteed workmanship that delivers 100% satisfaction. Certified in carpet dyeing, color restoration and color repair by Chris Howell, Colorful Carpets President and Certified Dye Master, the Carpet Chemist team puts a beautiful, new face on ugly carpet.

Get started now: Request a free carpet repair estimate online or call 877.330.4792 to schedule carpet stretching, cleaning and re-dyeing.