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Renewing Your Carpet, Saving You Money

If you have pets, children or a busy family, your carpet will one day need repair. Anxious pets paw and dig holes in wall-to-wall carpeting. Children and adults spill drinks, splatter paint, and track in impossible-to-remove stains. Even a commonplace task like rearranging furniture may result in carpet ripples that become an unsightly tripping hazard. When mishaps occur, don’t rush to re-carpet your home. Instead, call the Carpet Chemist at 877.330.4792. Our specially trained, IICRC-certified technicians repair damaged carpet, remove stains and flawlessly smooth out carpet wrinkles at a fraction of the cost of flooring replacement.

Repair Solutions for Common Carpet Damage

The Carpet Chemist’s scientific approach to cleaning and repair is based on our thorough knowledge of carpet and rug composition, construction and proper installation techniques.

Problems like loose or rippled carpets and separating seams result from installation shortcuts and haphazard workmanship. Carpet Chemist’s repairs are made to last! We use proven repair methods and pay meticulous attention to detail.

Our certified team successfully executes any type of repair, including:

  • Carpet patching. A necessary repair when holes, burns, pet damage and untreatable stains ruin sections of your carpet. The damaged section is removed and a donor piece (a remnant or carpeting taken from a closet) is secured in its place.
  • Seam repair. A latex adhesive is applied to reseal seams and restore a smooth, uninterrupted appearance.
  • Carpet stretching. Power-stretching tools pull carpet taut; then it is trimmed and secured in place with tack strips. Damaged tack strips are replaced.
  • Berber carpet repair. In small damaged areas, unraveled loops are woven back into position. Larger repairs require carpet patching.
  • Transition replacement. Damaged transitions between carpet and other types of flooring are replaced and carpet edges are secured.
  • Bleach spot repair. Lighter spots are color-matched and precision dyed to blend with the carpet.
  • Stain removal. Carpet Chemist has a solution for any type of stain. When a stain is permanent, the damaged area is cut out and a donor patch is seamlessly installed.
  • Water damage repair. High-powered extraction equipment and fans remove moisture. Then carpet is stretched and seams are re-bonded to restore carpet to original condition.
  • Pet stain and odor elimination. Child and pet-friendly cleaning agents are used to neutralize odors and remove stains.
  • Carpet re-dyeing. This is a cost-effective way to solve the problems of carpet or rug fading and discoloration. The Carpet Chemist uses propriety technology to achieve superior results.

Your Carpet Specialist for Life

The Carpet Chemist is dedicated to quality workmanship and repair results that exceed expectations. Check out our before and after gallery to see for yourself. Before you give up on your existing carpet, give us a call at 877.330.4792 and text a picture of your problem. We’ve got a solution to WOW you!