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A Fresh Start for Soiled Carpets

It’s not easy to keep carpets clean, healthy and beautiful. Every day, an amalgamation of dirt, oil and sticky substances is tracked through your front door and into carpet fibers. Stains from children, pets and unexpected mishaps pile up, making your rug look ready for the landfill. Before you go carpet shopping, make a call to Carpet Chemist.

Certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, Carpet Chemist’s trained carpet cleaning team unlocks dirt and grime, neutralizes stains and odors, and restores pizzazz to “uglied out” carpet. With our breakthrough carpet cleaning techniques, you won’t need to replace carpet early. Instead, you’ll reconnect with the wall-to-wall style and freshness you used to love.

Solutions for Every Carpet Cleaning Problem

Did you know that cleaning residential and commercial carpets is a science? Today’s carpets feature a variety of fibers, textures and patterns, and it takes specialized knowledge to deep-clean and preserve their appearance and durability.

Harness the power of Carpet Chemist’s trained professionals who understand the science behind today’s best-in-class carpet restoration services.

Carpet Chemist team members are certified in advanced carpet care, stain removal and carpet repair. When you call or text with information about soiled traffic areas and set-in stains, we put on our lab coats and get to work. Trust Carpet Chemist to remove all kinds of carpet stains, including:

  • Pet stains
  • Bleach spots
  • Heavy traffic soils
  • Water stains
  • Bloodstains
  • Coffee & beverage spills
  • Wine stains
  • Paint
  • Grease & oil
  • Ink stains

Low-Impact Carpet Cleaning for Superior Results

At Carpet Chemist, we know harsh detergents and wet cleaning techniques take a toll on your carpet’s appearance and its ability to resist dirt and traffic wear. Unlike other carpet contractors, we use the latest technology to achieve deep cleaning without harsh chemicals or waterlogged shampooing. Carpet Chemist employs oxygen-based cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly and entirely safe for kids and pets. Using advanced soil encapsulation and extraction equipment, we achieve more complete cleaning that leaves little residue, dries quickly and minimizes disruption to your home or business. The difference is in the results:

  • Carpets look clean and vibrant.
  • Colors and textures are preserved.
  • Traffic patterns disappear and stay gone.
  • Carpets resist soiling and wear longer.
  • Carpet and indoor air are healthier.

Total Carpet Care From the Carpet Chemist

Carpeting your home or commercial building is a big investment. Carpet Chemist’s innovative solutions help you protect that investment and prolong carpet lifespan. Call 877.330.4792 to schedule carpet cleaning, dyeing, repair and stain removal. For your convenience, you can also text us an image of your carpet problem and a knowledgeable, friendly Carpet Chemist representative will respond with a free phone estimate. We’ll amaze you with our formula for total carpet care and outstanding customer service.