Louisville & Lexington Carpet Services

The Formula for Carpet Success

In an industry filled with startups using outdated methods and harsh chemicals, Carpet Chemist stands out. We are true carpet specialists: certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and by Dye Master Chris Howell of Colorful Carpets, developer of our Color Cue dyeing system. Simply put, our team knows carpeting inside and out.

Carpet Chemist takes a scientific approach to carpet care, using only gentle, non-toxic chemicals that are easy on rugs and safe for your pets and family. Our love of the carpet industry and dedication to our customers has led us to become a full-service carpet care company specializing in carpet cleaning, carpet repair, stain removal and carpet dyeing services. When you call Carpet Chemist at 877.330.4792, you’re assured of professional workmanship that meets the highest standards and delivers 100% satisfaction.

Carpet Chemist Care & Restoration Services

The certified Carpet Chemist team is comprised up of individuals trained in the science behind high-performance rug and carpet care. Effective cleaning while preserving carpet color and loft requires a seasoned understanding of factors like solubility, carpet fiber type and detergent pH. Removing stains, wrinkles, odors and blemishes from carpet demands an understanding of carpet construction and installation techniques.

The Carpet Chemist team undergoes extensive training to provide the customized care that will keep your carpets fresh, healthy and beautiful.

Comprehensive Louisville and Lexington, KY carpet services include:

  • Carpet repairSolutions for burns, paint stains, pet damage, seam and tack strip replacement or heavy wear.
  • Carpet stretching: Power stretching that corrects flawed carpet installation or loose and wrinkled carpets.
  • Rug cleaningGentle, fiber-based cleaning formulas concocted at our rug laboratory.
  • Carpet cleaning: Effective, oxygen-based cleaning that dries quickly and preserves carpet color.
  • Dyeing & color changes: Innovative, colorfast dyeing processes for restoring and changing carpet & rug colors.
  • Stain removal: Solutions for any type of set-in stain, including wine, pet stains, grease and more.
  • Restoration of water-damaged carpet: High powered water extraction and drying to prevent mold, mildew and odors.
  • Commercial carpet cleaning & repair: Carpet maintenance solutions with minimum disruption of your workforce and facility productivity.

Reinventing the Carpet Care Industry

A stain, tear or color blemish is no longer a reason to scrap your carpet and start looking for a replacement. With the expertise to repair and re-dye commercial and residential carpets, the Carpet Chemist has revolutionized carpet care in Cincinnati, Louisville and Lexington.

Our specialized skills customer commitment are just two of the reasons we stand out from the crowd. Browse our before and after photos to see how carpet dyeing and repairs can transform a room or building. For expert cleaning and stain removal, dial 877.330.4792. We’ll provide a free estimate by phone—and solution that will WOW you!