Red Stain Removal Service

Oh ho ho it’s magic, you know. Never believe it’s not sooo…

It’s true that we don’t have a special magic wand that we use in our red stain removal process, but you might think so by the way we’re able to make those red stains disappear. Red stain removal is another one of our specialty stain removal services that are pretty popular with both residential homes and commercial accounts. When The Carpet Chemist receives a call for red stain removal, we put on our lab coats, roll up our sleeves and get to stain removal louisville ky

We successfully execute any type of red stain, including:

The following is a list of red stain removal requests we receive. If you are tired of looking at that big red stain that your last carpet cleaner couldn’t remove, call the red stain removal experts at (800) 515-1342 for a free phone estimate:

  • Big Red Soda. 
  • Red Wine. 
  • Kool-aid. 
  • Tomato Sauce. 
  • Ketchup. 
  • Sports Drink. 
  • Blood. 
  • Iodine. 
  • Grape Jelly. 
  • BBQ Sauce. 
  • Red Paint. 
  • Nail Polish. 
  • Lipstick. 
  • Rust. 
  • Furniture Stain. 

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solutions for every kind of red staining issue

    The Carpet Chemist doesn’t use a one size fits all approach when it comes to taking care of your expensive carpet and rugs. Red stains on wool carpet are treated much differently than a red stain on nylon carpet. Our BIG Carpet Chemist vans are stocked full of solutions and dyes meant for virtually any fabric type. Find out what customers are saying about our cutting-edge process and five-star service! We’d love to give you a free quote right over the phone at(800) 515-1342, or you can request a carpet consultation online.
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