Obliterate Odors

Destroying odors at the source

odor removal

The Carpet Chemist is famous for our Carpet Care services, but we also have Complete Odor Removal down to a science. Through chemistry, we obliterate odors at the molecular level. Skunk smells, smoke odors, and even dead animal smells are no match for The Carpet Chemist odor removal process. Here is a small list of a few odors we are able to completely destroy:

  • Cigarette Smoke. 
  • Curry. 
  • Mold. 
  • Pet Odor. 
  • Body Odor. 
  • Musty Odors. 
  • Skunk Odor. 
  • Urine. 
  • Blood Odors. 
  • Rotten Odors. 
  • Bacteria Odor. 

Same day Odor Removal service available from The Carpet Chemist. We remove odors PERMANENTLY in hours, not days. GUARANTEED.

Permanent Odor Removal

  • Casinos. 
  • Houses. 
  • Vehicles. 
  • Apartments. 
  • Hotels. 
  • Commercial Buildings. 
  • Locker Rooms. 
  • Buses. 
  • Airplanes. 
  • Residential Homes. 
  • Dumpsters. 
  • Refrigerators. 

To schedule an on-site estimate, speak to our reputable experts or inquire about Carpet Chemist’s Odor Removal service, call 800-515-1342. For your convenience, you can also request a carpet consultation online. Your email is safe with us. We respect your privacy and will never sell or share your information with third parties!