How to stretch carpet properly

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A sad fact in the carpet industry is about 75% of carpet installers either A.) don’t understand how to stretch carpet properly or B.) they know, but it’s too time consuming and they just don’t care. That’s why I put together this video for you. The big giant tool in the video is called a carpet power stretcher. If your carpet installer just used a knee kicker, and not a power stretcher, chances are you may end up calling The Carpet Chemist when it ripples up, because we know how to stretch carpet the correct way, guaranteed! In fact, we offer an unlimited unconditional lifetime labor guarantee on all of our carpet re-stretching work. Let’s take a look at the video now:

No more carpet ripples or buckling

The Carpet Chemist knows how to stretch carpet the right way, so it will remain taught for it’s entire life. Carpet is made to be stretched and held in place by tack strips. Tack strips are mounted to the sub-flooring, about a quarter inch away from the baseboards or walls, and have hundreds of extremely sharp tacks that pierce the backing of the carpet and hold it in place. As shown in the video, once the carpet has been stretched with the power stretcher, it is tucked into the gully and fastened to the tack strips. We even take an extra step and fasten the carpet redundantly by shooting carpet staples from the top of the carpet down into the tack strips along the edge of the wall.

    The Carpet Chemist says: We understand how to stretch carpet the proper way. Short cuts like only using a knee kicker will always result in loose buckled carpet. Trust The Carpet Chemist to get it done the right way.

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