How to repair bleach spots on carpet

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How to repair bleach spots on carpet: As a professional carpet and rug dyer it pains me to use the term “bleach stain.” Technically stains are color added to carpet such as wine, ink or oil. Spots however, are formed when color is removed from the carpet. So the correct term is actually bleach spot. But who cares, really? you came to our website because we know how to repair bleach spots on carpet. So click on this video I made just for you:

Our Carpet Dyeing Process

I know what you’re thinking. “Holy smokes! I could do that. No problemo. I just need to get some dye stuff and squirt it with one of those needle things!” If it were only that easy. Most people instinctively grab whatever they can find underneath the kitchen sink or laundry room and start pouring heaps of random cleaning chemicals all over the bleach spot, hoping it will magically disappear. There are actually several steps that need to take place before dyeing can even occur. Here’s what we do:

  • Determine carpet fiber type. Fiber identification is always the first step because not all carpet types can be dyed.
  • Test the pH levels of the spot. As stated previously, most people dump heaps of cleaning products onto bleach spills because they dont know how to repair bleach spots on carpet. The dye sites must be free of any chemicals or other residues before anything else can take place.
  • Neutralize the bleach. Bleach is still active until it is neutralized. Fresh bleach is extremely difficult to neutralize, so it’s best to wait at least a week after the spill has occurred to begin color repair. If you dont have a week, that’s OK. It can still be done, it’s just much more time consuming.
  • Extract. The bleach neutralizer must be extracted before any dyeing takes place.
  • Create a custom dye formula. In order to know how to create your custom dye formula, you’ll need to have a pretty good understanding of color theory and color loss. I won’t get into all that right now as it would take an enormous amount of time.
  • Dye affected areas only. Forget what you’ve seen on YouTube or Google about crayons or pastels or coffee grounds or any other ridiculous nonsense. Our dyes are the best in the world. Guaranteed!

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