Aint no mountain high enough

To keep me away from cleaning your carpets!

How many times have you been told by a carpet cleaner that they can’t clean your carpet because of access difficulty due to being over 3 stories high? The Carpet Chemist has solutions for everything, including high rise carpet cleaning.

Portable carpet cleaning equipment

The Carpet Chemist has tools and equipment for every single carpet cleaning situation you can think of. If you live in a high rise condo in Louisville, or are renting an apartment, we have powerful yet compact equipment that annihilates soils and oils in your carpet. We have a dry cleaning method, or as we Carpet Chemist nerds like to call it by its proper term, encapsulation cleaning. This is our most preferred method of high rise carpet cleaning. But greasy restaurant carpets will need to be treated with a heavy degreaser and steam cleaned with our powerful portable steam cleaning machines.

Our portable carpet cleaning equipment allows us to clean the carpets in the tallest buildings in Louisville

Louisville Hotel Carpet Cleaning

    Hotels really rely on The Carpet Chemist specialty stain removal and high rise carpet cleaning services. Some hotels have in-house cleaners but they can’t possibly perform at the level as our professional Carpet Chemists do. Not only do we offer high rise carpet cleaning, but we’re able to remove red stains, odors and even bleach spills that have dripped outside of the bathroom onto the carpet, and even dripped down the hallways. Many hotels are franchises and have a very specific criteria they must meet, in terms of cleanliness and appearance. The Carpet Chemist is able to save these hotels tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by removing difficult stains, dyeing bleach spots and our high rise carpet cleaning service.

trust Louisville’s high rise carpet cleaning experts

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