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We do our very best to make sure all of your questions and concerns are answered at the time of scheduling your appointment. We also understand that sometimes you don’t have time to listen to all of our processes and procedures, and what you really want is one of our expert technicians at your house ASAP, a meticulous job done, and outta there just as fast. That’s totally fine too. You’re a rock star and carpet repair and cleaning is just a necessary inconvenience you have to deal with. That’s why we made this disclaimer page. We respect your time and certainly don’t want to waste any of it with nerdy carpet technical mumbo jumbo. But here it is, as a courtesy to you, to be able to access any time you need it:

  • Pricing. A free phone estimate will be provided right over the phone ot via text or email. Whichever method is most convenient for you. This is a ballpark guestimate, which we are pretty darn good at making, but a final quote will be provided on site by your Carpet Chemist technician before work begins. That way there’s no surprises at the time of payment.
  • Patching. We are highly trained and certified carpet repair professionals, and the very best at what we do. But we do not guarantee perfection. Most of the time the customers have a very hard time trying to find where the damaged carpet used to be prior to having it repaired. But there are instances where the damaged carpet is in the middle of a high traffic area and when repaired, the fibers are fully erect, which is discernible compared to the worn down carpet. Low pile or loop pile carpets are also a lot less forgiving than a high pile carpet.
  • Carpet Stretching. By using an array of carpet stretching tools including a power stretcher, we guarantee the taughtness of the carpet. Carpet that is delaminated cannot be re-stretched unless the delamination issue(s) are corrected first. Creases take time to disappear, especially in cases where the carpet has been wrinkled for several years. Damaged tack strips are another reason carpet will come loose and will need to be replaced before carpet stretching can begin.
  • Carpet Cleaning. There are many factors involved in restoring and cleaning dirty carpet. Age of the carpet, ware patterns, soils and oils that have penetrated the carpet and soaked into the carpet padding, and permanent discoloration and color loss cannot be fixed by carpet cleaning. We do provide specialty services for stain removal odor removal and carpet dyeing to salvage damaged carpet.
  • Carpet Dyeing. Dyeing carpet can have the most underlying issues of all, including high pH residues left in the carpet, pet urine or other soils and oils that block the dye sites, carpet protector, worn or frayed carpet fibers, high traffic patterns and glow in the dark paint, just to name a few. We will do a fiber test, a thorough carpet cleaning in the areas of concern to prep the dye sites, but will not be responsible for previous imperfections in the carpet.
  • Furniture Moving. The Carpet Chemist does not move furniture and we will not wait around on you to move it while we are there. We respect your time and expect the same level of courtesy shown to our hard working technicians. Anything you would like moved needs to be done so prior to the time of your scheduled appointment.
  • Appointment Time. The Carpet Chemist will provide a courtesy call or text, whichever is most convenient for you, when your technician is en route to your home or other site. Due to the nature of the business, we have customers add on other areas to be cleaned or repaired while we are there, so we do give a 2 hour window of arrival from your scheduled appointment time. Heavy traffic due to construction or vehicle wrecks on the roadways can also put us behind schedule. Weather can impact our Carpet Chemist crews in the winter or other times of the year as well. But we promise to be in communication with you, so you aren’t left wondering if we are going to show up or not.

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