Why Is Carpet Care a Science?

And Why Does It Matter?

How would you distinguish between art and science? Think back to your school days and what you remember about each.

We consider art to be abstract and science to be concrete. While the arts are very subjective, science is objective. Art is all about interpretation and science is all about the facts.

While we have a real appreciation for art, our work is very scientific. Here at The Carpet Chemist, we work with the facts to deliver real solutions for our customers. Carpet cleaning is not an art that can be handled differently depending on the day. It’s a very specific type of work that must be done correctly to be effective. Here’s why we treat carpet care as a science and why this matters for our customers.

We Geek Out Over the Details

Call us nerdy, but we could go on and on about carpets. We love the challenges they present and the fact that no two carpets are ever the same. Carpets are intricate materials that can never be treated with a blanket solution. Otherwise, they might as well be blankets!

We embrace our inner nerd at The Carpet Chemist. When there’s something wrong with your carpet—whether it’s stains, color fading or carpet buckles, we put your carpet under our metaphorical microscope. We need to zoom in on the details to determine the right solution.  

These details can come in many different forms. If the problem stems from color fading, we need to examine the carpet fiber type and test the pH levels before dyeing can ever begin. Or, if your carpet has been damaged by pets, we need to determine whether it’s a Level 1, 2 or 3 situation before making the right repair. If you sent us your heirloom rug that’s in need of our rug cleaning service, we inspect your rug for fiber type, fringes, odors, color fading and more to determine the proper cleaning method. All of these situations demonstrate why carpet care is all about the details. There is nothing subjective about this line of work. The facts are always there—and it’s our job to find them.    

We Stick to the Formulas

Over the years, we have developed a number of formulas in the name of carpet science. If stains and pet odors take a toll on your carpet, we have a Spot Out general spot remover and a Vet’s Trust pet odor/stain remover. Unlike other companies that rely on harsh chemicals, all of our cleaning products are 100 percent safe for children and pets.

Our fiber protection formula is another one of our signature solutions. We’ve developed the most environmentally safe textile protector to ever hit the market. Once we clean your rug and apply the formula, it acts as a shield to prevent future spills from becoming stains. You will actually see liquid pool up at the tip of the rug fibers rather than absorbing into the rug. While we developed the product for rugs and carpets specifically, our customers love it so much that they’ve asked us to apply it to their curtains, living room upholstery and even books and clothes. It’s truly science at its finest!

Trust the Science and the Experts

Carpets should never be treated as an experiment. We’ve seen customers try to clean their own carpets with store-bought “miracle” cleaners, only to make the problem worse. We’ve also seen customers try to dye their own carpets with coffee grounds and even crayons after being falsely misled by online videos. While their intentions are good, they end up spending more money than they would have if they just had called us from the start.

Don’t take a gamble with your carpets and rugs. At The Carpet Chemist, we treat carpet care as the science that it is. With this approach, we are able to give carpets the precise, quality treatment that our customers deserve. We know what we’re doing because we’ve been doing it for years. Whether you need reliable carpet cleaning, repair or stretching, we are your go-to geeks for all things carpet!

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