‘Tis the Season to Protect Your Carpeting!

Stay in the Clear Without Spoiling the Holiday Cheer

It’s the most high-traffic time of the year!

No, we’re not talking about those traffic jams on the interstate highways. We’re talking about the ones that occur right in your home. The kind where people flood through the doorways, head to the kitchen, backtrack to the bathroom and venture everywhere else in between.

Simply put, this is the most action your carpets see all year. Add to this the wintry mix of dirt, sleet and grime that sticks to the bottom of our shoes and you’re essentially throwing your carpeting to the wolves.

With the right strategies, you can minimize the mess and keep your floors looking flawless right into the new year! And should any spills or setbacks occur, there’s no need to stress. Enjoy this time with your family and friends and then begin 2021 on a clean slate with professional carpet cleaning.

Here’s What to Do Before, During and After the Holidays


Take a walk around your home as if you’re a guest. What are the paths most traveled throughout your home? These are the areas that you’ll really want to protect.

Of course, the major hot spots are the entryways. Place heavy-duty mats right outside and behind the doors so guests can wipe their shoes and remove as much dirt as possible. If shoeless parties are your style, you can set up a shoe rack so guests can easily remove their shoes and retrieve them later.

Here are other ways to protect your carpets before the holidays:

  • Place baby wipes near the doors for furry friends. Pawprints are cute when you see them outside on the sidewalk. Inside? Not so much. Keep a package of baby wipes within easy reach to clean off paws before they touch the carpet.
  • Place trash cans throughout the house. Spills often occur when someone carries a plate from one area of the house to another. Reduce the likelihood of accidents by temporarily placing more trash cans throughout your home.
  • Get festive with holiday-themed throw rugs. Both cute and practical, throw rugs are a win-win. Place the rugs in the more heavily trafficked areas to prevent dirt from soiling carpets.
  • Place a mat under the Christmas tree. Tree sap and carpeting don’t go well together. If you prefer the look and scent of a real tree, purchase a Christmas tree mat to prevent sap and needles from touching the carpet. Another tip is to place a large plastic bag underneath the tree stand to catch any spilled water. (Don’t worry. The tree mat will cover the bag). Once the tree is decorated, use a funnel to water the tree to prevent heavy spills.


  • Avoid eating meals on the carpet. Try to ensure there’s enough table space for everyone, especially young children. If guests are going to stand around and chat over appetizers, try to keep them in areas where the floors are easier to clean (i.e., not carpeted). Little things such as putting more seating in one area or placing the food in a certain room can subconsciously tell guests where you’d like them to eat. 
  • Blot up spills with paper towels. If something spills on your carpet—whether it’s food, coffee or even red wine—you don’t need to sweat it! Blot up the spill as much as possible with a clean paper towel. If you don’t already have a bottle handy, we highly recommend our Spot Out general spot remover that can be used to treat most everyday spills. If it’s something that will stain such as red wine, leave it alone and call us after the festivities to schedule stain removal service. In a panic, many homeowners try scrubbing and using household cleaners to remove the stain themselves. This just makes the stain bigger and more difficult to remove. Here at The Carpet Chemist, we use the right materials and equipment to efficiently remove stains in a jiffy. Stain removal is a science and you can count on our carpet geeks to remove even the most stubborn stains in 1-2-3!


  • Vacuum and spruce up your space. The longer that dirt and debris stay in the carpet fibers, the tougher it will be to clean the carpet. After the festivities, give your home a good vacuuming to remove the surface-level dirt.
  • Clean the hardwood floors to prevent scratches. We’re carpet cleaners by trade, but we know a thing or two about hardwood floors! For example, when there’s a layer of dirt right above the floor, it becomes more susceptible to scratches. Once the celebrations are over, give the floors a good cleaning to prevent scrapes and scratches that can be caused by shoes, moved furniture, etc.

May Your Carpets Be Merry and Bright!

There’s already a lot that goes into hosting for the holidays. While it’s smart to do everything you can to protect your carpets, don’t go overboard and let it interfere with the fun. With our carpet cleaning services at your full disposal, you can unwind, eat some delicious food and enjoy the holidays for everything they’re worth. We’ll take care of business when your company leaves and get the carpeting looking spotless for 2021!

To learn more about our services or to schedule carpet cleaning service for your home, call The Carpet Chemist at 855.336.1826 or contact us online today.

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