Opportunity Awaits in Our Franchise System

Discover a Breakthrough for Your Future

We typically keep our professional carpet cleaning secrets under lock and key. But recent events have led to a new wave of entrepreneurship that we want to support at The Carpet Chemist.

That’s why we’re putting our foot on the gas and going full speed ahead with our one-of-a-kind franchising system. Learn more about our history and what we can do to change the trajectory of your future!

Capitalize on a Void in the Marketplace

What makes our franchising system so unique? It all boils down to a niche market. You see, we are one of only a few dozen full-time carpet dyeing specialists in the U.S. and one of very few certified dye masters and colorists in the whole world. This gives franchisees a distinct competitive edge that few other companies can provide.

Be Your Own Boss Without the Stress

The best part is that we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. We’ve mastered the science of carpet care. We’ve perfected and packaged the products. We’ve built the brand with a standout design agency that handles our ongoing marketing needs. We’ve dialed in campaigns that make the phone ring off the hook. All the work, energy and commitment that goes into building a business from the ground up has already been completed. All you need to do is put the system to work for you!      

As a franchise of The Carpet Chemist, you are guaranteed:

  • Full support from Head Chemist Brandon Cerrito. When you’re part of a larger franchise, fast and reliable support isn’t always guaranteed. Here at The Carpet Chemist, we keep everything small and tight-knit to support franchisees with whatever they need, when they need it. You’ll have direct access to our founder, Brandon Cerrito, who has more than 20 years of carpet care experience under his belt.      
  • The tools, training, techniques and products to surpass the competition from the start. Other carpet cleaning companies can’t match what we’ve invested into our services and products. If you’re totally new to carpet cleaning, don’t sweat it. The customer relationship management (CRM) system we’ve set up is ready and easy to use. We’ll provide the training you need to become a carpet cleaner, carpet dyer and carpet stretcher all rolled into one. Say goodbye to the guesswork that’s inherent in starting your business—we’ve already figured it out for you.
  • Protected territories. We keep track of every franchise so that you can own your territory. You’ll never see our MAD scientist on the road unless it’s one of your vehicles!
  • Competitive financing options. We don’t want finances to get in the way of your future success. Contact us to learn more about the financing options we offer.

Unleash Your Success With The Carpet Chemist

It’s been proven that economic downturns breed entrepreneurship. With our franchising program, we hope to extend a unique opportunity to ambitious individuals. If you seek a new direction for your career without the stress of starting from scratch, then—boy, oh, boy—do we have the opportunity for you!

To learn more about our franchising system, contact us online or call The Carpet Chemist at 855.336.1826 today. 

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