How to Kill Germs Without Killing Your Carpet

Don’t Let a Cleaning Spree Cause Damage

Now more than ever, people are anxious to disinfect their homes and businesses. From the tabletops to the bathrooms, folks are wiping down, bleaching up and scrubbing away to try and kill germs. We’re calling it spring cleaning on steroids.

As the current situation continues to unfold, we want to help you protect your carpets. Nothing in your home endures more foot traffic and usage than your carpets. So whatever you’re using to clean your space—whether it be all-purpose cleaners, bleach or a combination of both—these chemicals can kill your carpet as much as the germs.

Bleach, in particular, is the No. 1 enemy to a vibrant and flawless carpet color. If you’ve already experienced a bleach blunder at home, our carpet dyeing company is here to help you out. For those of you who have yet to embark on spring cleaning, here are some helpful tips for using bleach and protecting your carpet in the process.

Is Bleach Effective at This Time?

There’s been a lot of discussion regarding social regulations, new working procedures and how society as a whole is being impacted. But there hasn’t been a whole lot said about what we ourselves can do at home.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diluted household bleach can be used on appropriate surfaces to kill germs and viruses. Countertops, sinks, tiles and floors are just some of the many surfaces that can be cleaned with bleach. However, it’s crucial to properly dilute the bleach with water. Here are some tips from the CDC for properly using bleach:

  • To make a safe bleach solution, mix 5 tablespoons (1/3 cup) of bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons of bleach per quart of water.
  • Read the label to ensure the bleach is intended for disinfecting.

Bleach products that are suitable for colored clothing might not be a suitable disinfectant.

  • Always wear gloves whenever you work with bleach.
  • Check the expiration date on the label to ensure the bleach will still be effective.
  • Never mix bleach with ammonia or any type of cleanser. This will create a harmful toxin that’s dangerous to breathe in. 
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle regarding proper application and ventilation procedures.
  • Let the bleach sit on the surface for at least one minute before scrubbing or cleaning.

Take Extra Measures to Prevent Bleach Spills

If you’re going to be cleaning with bleach, here are some things you can do to prevent spills:

  • Whenever possible, avoid cleaning with bleach in carpeted areas.
  • If you are cleaning in a carpeted area, use drop cloths to shield your carpet from spills.
  • Work with a minimal amount of bleach solution to help prevent spills.
  • Always keep bleach solutions out of reach from children and pets. This is crucial not only for protecting your carpets, but also for protecting everyone’s health!

I’ve Spilled Bleach! What Should I Do? 

It’s easy to panic over a bleach stain. And it’s just as easy to hop on the computer, search for a solution and try the first technique you come across. However, this is a very risky move. The Internet is full of do-it-yourself “tips” that just don’t work! Cleaning bleach stains with vinegar or any type of “miracle” cleaner will not make the stain disappear. In fact, it will just make the stain worse!

Here at The Carpet Chemist, we’re a bunch of bleach geeks. We know what will effectively remove a stain and what won’t. For any type of bleach stain, the key is carpet dye.

Carpet dyeing involves neutralizing the active chemical properties in bleach. Once we’ve neutralized the bleach, we’ll create a custom color dye formula to intricately restore color into those delicate carpet fibers. Sound tricky? That’s because it is! Carpet dyeing is a science that should always be left to the trained professionals. We’ve spent years perfecting the carpet dyeing process and can remove any unsightly bleach stain using colorless and eco-friendly products that are safe for every person and pet in your home.

End Bleach Blunders With the Carpet Chemist

This spring has been a deviation from the norm. While we fully believe in the power and effectiveness of a deep cleaning, we want to make sure you protect your carpet investments in the process. Be mindful of the staining properties in bleach and, whenever possible, try to keep the bleach away from your carpets. The two just don’t mix!

If you do spill bleach, our carpet dyeing professionals are here to step in and help. We are continuing to serve our customers in the safest and most sanitary manner possible. Through every stain, spill, odor and imperfection, The Carpet Chemist has the formula to keep your space clean and safe through it all!

To schedule service for your home or business this spring, call The Carpet Chemist at 800.515.1342 or contact us online today.

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