Carpet Cleaning or Replacement?

Here’s What You Should Know Before Making the Call 

We’ve all been spending more time at home these past few months. So it’s only natural for everything in your home—especially your carpet—to experience more wear and tear. Whether there’s a giant stain that just won’t go away or the carpet is starting to buckle, problems are bound to crop up. The question is: Should you schedule carpet cleaning or invest in new carpet replacement?

Just Like An Experiment, Consider the Variables

We like to compare carpet cleaning to science. (Our name is The Carpet Chemist, after all!)

Think back to science class when you had to observe the variables in an experiment. You were able to control the independent variable, which then influenced the dependent variables. While you might not be able to control what happens to your carpet, you certainly can observe the impact it has. All that’s left to do is decide whether you should clean or replace the carpet. That’s what we’re here to help you determine!

Now, we’re going to examine the different variables with your carpet and what to consider before replacing it.

Variable 1: Stubborn Stains, Odors and Water Damage

Bleach, wine, mustard, coffee and more can all stain a carpet and make it go from flawless to flawed very quickly. In most cases, store-bought carpet cleaners are not only a waste of money when trying to remove stains, but they also can make the stain worse.

The next step would be to find a carpet cleaner. But before doing so, you should know that not all carpet cleaning services are created equal. Many companies receive poor reviews because they only clean the top surface of the carpet and fail to properly remove the stain. So you’re left paying for a service that didn’t even solve the problem.

We do things much differently at The Carpet Chemist. Having invested in the science of total carpet care, we have both the products and techniques to remove even the toughest of stains. Our secret formula delves deep into the carpet fibers to efficiently remove stains while fully preserving the look and feel of your carpet. On the off chance that the stain can’t be removed, we can remove the stained portion and replace it with a donor piece from a closet or other less-used area in your home.    

When it comes to pet urine, our rule of thumb is that you’ll need to replace the carpeting if more than 20 percent of it is damaged. We can remove most odors using a proprietary, safe and odorless formula. And if your home has been damaged by water, we can use high-powered equipment to extract the moisture and restore your carpet. However, if the padding underneath the carpet is sufficiently damaged or mold and mildew within the carpet pose a health risk, then you’ll need to have the carpet replaced. Contact us to get a free quote from our carpet experts. We can evaluate the situation and tell you almost immediately whether or not the carpet is salvageable.

Variable 2: Rips & Tears

Did you accidentally lock your pet in a room and return home to ripped carpet? This can easily ruin the look of the whole room.

We specialize in patching carpet holes and can restore your carpet in no time. It’s a fraction of the cost of carpet replacement and no one will know except us, you and your furry friend! 

Variable 3: Current Living Situation

Do you have toddlers at home that treat the carpet as one blank canvas? Or are you considering purchasing a pet in the future that will need to be trained? These are all factors to consider before replacing your carpet. Even if your carpet is older and more worn than you’d like, the last thing you want to do is invest in new carpeting that quickly depreciates. After a thorough and professional cleaning, most people are amazed by the results and feel relieved that they opted for cleaning instead of replacement!

Variable 4: Age of Carpet

If the carpet was installed when Ronald Reagan was president and the phrase “far out” was in, then it’s time to replace the carpet. Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning will restore a carpet that’s reached the end of its life. The good news is that today’s carpets are more durable as the carpet fibers contain a number of protective materials. This will help ensure that your new carpet lasts for many years.

When In Doubt, Give Us a Shout!

If you’re on the fence about your carpet, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can even send us a picture of your carpet online and we’ll give you a free estimate within 15 minutes.

Replacing your carpet is a time-consuming and significant expense that should be saved for old and destroyed carpets. Let our team roll up our sleeves and show you what true carpet cleaning can really do. Compared to the cost of replacement, our creative strategies and industry-leading products can help you save up to 60 to 75 percent with reliable carpet repair. We are carpet specialists through and through and can assume any carpet-related role, including Carpet Stretcher, Oriental Rug Cleaner or Upholstery Cleaner. We do it all and we do it right!

To schedule a free consultation, contact us online or call The Carpet Chemist at 855.336.1826 today.

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