Allergy friendly carpet cleaning

Odor and chemical free cleaning

The Carpet Chemist Allergy Friendly Carpet Cleaning has the exact same powerful effectiveness as our Lime scented cleaning products, but doesn’t have the great smelling fragrance our customers rave about.allergy friendly carpet cleaning

    Safe for pets and newborns

    We know all about the nesting stage during pregnancy, and the cleaning concerns that go right along with them. You want everything to be as pure and clean as water, for your newborn baby. That’s why we developed a line of Carpet Chemist Allergy Friendly Carpet Cleaning ‘Pure and Clear’ carpet cleaning solutions that are just as effective at removing spills and soil as our lime-scented cleaning formulas. Pets are no exception when it comes to smell sensitivities or allergies. Our carpet cleaning solutions are soap free and hypo-allergenic and will never ever leave any residues in your carpet. All you’ll be left with is pure and clean, soft toe-squishy carpet that’s safe enough to lay your newborn baby down on.

Other Louisville Carpet Cleaning Service

  • Scotchgard Carpet Protector. We highly recommend upgrading your professional carpet cleaning by adding our Scotchgard Carpet Protector service after each cleaning. This will protect your carpet from absorbing spills and becoming stains.
  • Pet Urine Enzyme Treatment. Our Fresh Lime-scented Carpet Chemist Pet Urine Enzyme Treatment is scientifically formulated to eat and digest odor causing bacteria, which eliminates smells forever.
  • Specialty Stain Removal. Some stains require a more advanced process to be removed. Red wine or Kool-aid are one example. We have a red stain removal process that will completely remove every bit of wine or juice from your carpets.
  • Speed Drying. If you require your carpets to be dry before 6 t 8 hours, we can accommodate you by placing industrial grade air movers designed specifically to dry carpet in no time at all.
  • Salvage Cleaning. Salvage cleaning is for carpets that have been used and abused. Sometimes renters can leave carpets trashed, and landlords don’t want to replace fairly new carpet. Our salvage cleaning includes all the processes listed above, with a dual rotary carpet scrubbing machine added for deep down agitation.

If anyone in your home has smell sensitivities, allergies, or other medical issues that could be affected by scented cleaning products, ask for our Pure and Clean Allergy Friendly Carpet Cleaning when you schedule your appointment.

Pure and Clean Allergy Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Recommended for those who:

  • Have Smell Sensetivity. All of our products that The Carpet Chemist use are extremely safe for pets and kids, but some do contain our famous lime-clean scent. Don’t worry. We formulated the same powerful cleaning agent without the lime-clean scent.
  • Have Allergies. If you’re like a lot of people in the Ohio Valley, you might suffer from allergies. Sometimes scented cleaning products can stir up those allergies, so we recommend the Carpet Chemist Pure and Clean Allergy Friendly Carpet Cleaning method for you.
  • Are Pregnant or Expecting. Pregnant women may be more sensitive to smells than anyone. Once the nesting phase kicks in, you’ll want to scrub every inch of your home, in preparation of the new baby. Be sure to ask the Carpet Chemist for the Pure and Clean scent-free carpet cleaning when you schedule your Allergy Friendly Carpet Cleaning appointment.

Louisville’s trusted Allergy Friendly Carpet Cleaning company: The Carpet chemist

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