Getting to know you

Who our customers are:

    Normally, this is where a company would waste your time telling you how great they are and that they are the best company in the world. I’m not going to do that to you. Instead, I want you to determine if we’re the right company for you.

    Meet Patty the pet owner

    Patty the pet owner is the name of the character I created that just might have a lot in common with you. Patty is a mother of 2 children ages ranging from newborn to 18. She is married to Greg the golf enthusiast. They have the most adorable little golden retriever named Barkley. Barkley is so sweet and gentle but sometimes gets scared when left alone for too long, or even during terrifying thunderstorms. Patty sometimes feels distressed or embarrassed over the condition of her flooring because she works so hard to keep it looking in tip top shape.

    The culprit

    Generally speaking, when customers call with carpet repair or staining issues, there is most always a culprit. Perhaps Barkley was accidentally locked in the bedroom and tried digging his way out through the carpet. Maybe one of the kids were racing through the house at super sonic speeds and accidentally spilled their blue slushy on the area rug. Or maybe Greg the golfer was filled with such elation while watching the big PGA tournament that he accidentally spilled his beverage onto the couch cushion.

    We understand

    As owners of a family business, 3 dogs and a 16 year old boy we get it. We understand the time and energy it takes to keep the family home looking and feeling like the oasis we all want it to be. Sometimes it can feel a bit hopeless or frustrating. That’s why we feel like our little carpet repair and cleaning business is extremely rewarding. We get to meet people just like you, who are actually just like us, and not only fix your immediate carpet issues, but formulate a plan with you, to keep your carpets looking fresh and new year round.

    Teamwork makes the dream work

    Once your first carpet cleaning or repair is finished, we just know you’ll be over the moon about your carpets again. In fact, we’ve got hundreds of online raving reviews from people just like Patty the pet owner. One of the benefits of having The Carpet Chemist in your back pocket is you can reach us anytime. Seriously! Our customers text us with questions about removing stains and odors all the time! It’s all part of our 6 Month Worry Free Guarantee. We don’t want you to feel distressed about spills or odors in your rugs and carpet when they happen, we want you to feel confident in knowing your favorite carpet cleaning team is just a phone call or text away. You should feel proud of your home’s appearance and spend more time snuggling up on the couch with Barkley and the rest of the family.

If your carpets need patching, bleach spot repair, stretching, seam repair, or color changes, get help now: call (800) 515-1342 to speak with one of our IICRC-certified specialists. Or to inquire online anytime, fill out our safe and confidential form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.